From Jane Hebert: The South Park Class of 1946 celebrated their 65th Reunion last night with a wonderful banquet, and just plain fun memory night, due to the hard work of Evelyn McGee.

Then this morning Buddy and I topped it off with the most wonderful trip down Memory Lane you can imagine. Years ago, Pat Gilbert started the South Park Heritage center in the library of South Park High School - collecting everything you can imagine regarding South Park. Then before our school was torn down, Miriam Cade Nichols and her group trying to save South Park, salvaged everything they could from the school and have had it stored for quite a time now.

Working with many South Parkers, Gene VanMeter suggested that they use the building he owned at the corner of Highland Avenue and Florida Street to open up the South Park Museum and display all these wonderful memories from the past. I have no idea how long it took Miriam, Gene and many other volunteers to arrange all these memories in this building. The trophy cases from South Park are there full of wonderful trophies won by many,many South Park class. Megaphones from the cheerleaders, pictures of all kinds - the bands, choirs, group after group. Yearbooks - one from every year - Greenie Gusher newspapers (old and yellow), but some fantastic memories.

Many had donated their personal scrap books of their years at South Park - and what a wonderful adventure these were.

And many Sports pages about the different phases of South Park sports. It gave me chill bumps to read stories in the newspaper about Carson Joines, Eugene Blanton, Billy Holt, Red Denton, Billy Baggett, Ted Tiller, Wayne Philpott. Hubert Dupuy, Bob Frazier and many I can't recall right now.

There was even the old cash register from the Mazzu's gas station. Miriam and her group volunteer to work this museum and open it every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from noon to 3:00 - and the utilities and upkeep is paid for through donations.

Greenie Fight Never Dies and Miriam and her volunteers are working hard to keep our South Park Spirit alive!

I am so sorry that our 1946 group were not able to make plans to visit this museum this morning. Believe me, it is worth every minute of your time. Some Saturday, make plans to go by the museum, but call Miriam first at 409-781-5760. It is generally open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 12:00 to 3:00. Above all else, please take time to send a donation to SPHSHA, % Miriam Nichol, 5799 Western Trails, Beaumont, Texas 77713.We need to keep this museum open.

Please pass the word on.

Jane Hebert