Welcome to the Site!

So you've taken a look around... checked out the forums.... read what others have to say.... and now you're ready to add your thoughts to our site? GREAT!

Here is a newbie's guide to making a new post:

- First, make sure you are logged in.

- Select a forum to post in. We have several to choose from. See the list at the bottom of this message if you're not sure where your post should go or what a forum is for.

- Once inside the forum, click "Post". (If this button is "greyed out" or does not work, then the forum you are in does not allow posting. Make sure it is a forum that allows posting by all users.)

- Enter the subject of your post. Be descriptive, make sure the subject summarizes the message.

- Choose a post icon. The post icon extends the emotion of your post into the list of posts. If it's a question, use the question mark... if it's a happy thought use the smile. There are several Post Icons to choose from.

- Enter the Post into the larger post box.

- Below that box, you can click on any Instant Graemlins to insert the smileys into your message.

- If you wish to use any Bold or Italic Text, insert any URLs or Email links into your post, you may click the appropriate Instant UBB Code box, and follow the prompts.

- When you are satisfied with your message, scroll to the bottom.

- If you wish to receive an email each time someone replies to your post, check that box.

- If you wish to preview your post, or attach a file, click that box.

- Then click Continue. If you did not choose to preview your message, then you are done.

If you chose to preview your post:

- The top of the screen will show you a preview of your message. Check it over for spelling or typing errors.

- If you need to correct or change anything, scroll to the bottom of the changes, where you can edit.

- When you have made the necessary edits, click the continue button at the bottom of the page.

- You'll have the opportunity to preview again. You can make corrections again at the bottom if you wish.

- If you are satisfied with your message, click the Continue button just below your post preview. Then you are done.

If you chose to attach a file to your post:

- Click the "Browse" button just below your post preview.

- Select the file you wish to attach from your hard drive.

- Then click the Continue button, just below the Preview Post screen. Then you are done.

It's that simple!

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